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Radar Based Systems

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The Blind Spot Sentinel (BSS) system delivers a comprehensive suite of safety features;

Utilising the new 79 GHz standard microwave radar, Blind Spot Sentinel constantly monitors the blind areas along both sides  of the vehicleThe system operates at all times and in all weather conditions, and delivers real-time visual and audible alerts to potential collisions with other vehicles, motorcycles, cyclists and pedestrians that may be hidden in the driver’s blind spots.

79 GHz sensors provide superior object resolution resulting in fewer false alerts

Powerful 79 GHz radar helps drivers change lanes with confidence.

Mounted on both sides of the vehicle, the blind spot system radar sensors create a protective screen that projects 3 metres to each side of the vehicle and up to 20 metres along side it capturing all objects within them.

Highly visible LED's alert drivers to objects within their blind spots

Visual and audio alerts notify drivers of real time potential dangers.

Whenever a moving object is detected within the blind areas, the appropriate in-cab LED indicator will light up and remain on as long as the object is within the blind spot area. When the turn signal indicator is on and an object is detected in the direction the vehicle is turning, the LED will flash and the buzzer will sound alerting the driver to the potential danger.

Rear Cross Traffic Alert warns drivers of objects behind their vehicle

Multi-Zone mode provides extra protection when turning corners and while reversing

Activating the turn signal indicator will change the 'turning' side's sensor focus to the blind spot areas immediately surrounding that area of the vehicle to pick up and warn of smaller objects such as pedestrians, motorcycles and cyclists.

Selecting reverse gear will change the sensor's focus towards the rear of the vehicle to check for any cross traffic travelling behind the vehicle.

Any alerts raised during these conditions will result in the LED's lighting up and the buzzer sounding.


Blind Spot Detection (BSD)

Lane Change Assistance (LCA)

Corner Navigation Assistance (CNA)

Rear Cross Traffic Alert (RCTA)

Blind spot monitoring on both sides of the vehicle
Lane Change Assistant checks for objects in the adjoining lane
Corner Navigation Assistant monitors for cyclists and pedestrians when turning corners
Rear Cross Traffic alerts warns of moving objects behind the vehicle

The Blind Spot Sentinel system utilises a 79 GHz short-range radar sensor mounted on the sides of the vehicle's cabin to constantly monitor the driver’s blind spot zones. The radar continuously detects a wide variety of stationary and moving objects in the driver’s blind spot, while the algorithm filters out the stationary objects. This allows the system to warn the driver only of moving objects (objects travelling in the same direction) and only in the adjoining lanes.

If the driver indicates a lane change to a lane that contains a moving object in the blind spot, turning on the indicators will create a Level 2 warning buzzer along with appropriate side LED indicator lighting up to alert the driver to the current situation.

If the vehicle’s indicator is lit and the vehicle starts to turn, the inside position closest to the curb will be surveyed by the radar sensor. In this mode the radar signature will detect any moving pedestrians, motorcycles and bicycles and the driver of the vehicle will be alerted by the buzzer and LED indicator.

If reverse is engaged, the radar system detection zone will automatically change to prioritise the area directly behind the reversing vehicle to ensure there is no moving cross traffic obstructing the direction of the trucks motion. If a vehicle is detected, it will create a Level 2 warning buzzer along with both LED indicator lighting up to alert the driver.


BSS comes as a complete self-install kit that is quick and simple to install

The Blind Spot Sentinel system comes complete with all the components required for installation and is designed to be a 'do-it-yourself' installation (although we recommend the use of a qualified auto electrician to ensure the wiring is installed safely).

All the components are colour coded to simplify the connection process and the sensors and LED's can be mounted using the supplied adhesive backing tape or screws.

A 3 year warranty against manufacturing defects covers all the components and the sensors are rated at IP67, making them ideal for placement on the outside of the vehicle.


79 GHz radar offers superior coverage to the older 24 GHz technology

The benefits of 79 GHz radar over 24 GHz radar are significant. Firstly, the higher frequency allows for a more precise range resolution, enabling better object detection and tracking in complex environments. Secondly, the shorter wavelength enhances radar imaging capabilities, enabling finer details and improved accuracy in target identification. Additionally, 79 GHz radar offers improved angular resolution, enabling better discrimination between closely spaced objects. Moreover, it provides better performance in adverse weather conditions like fog or rain, ensuring reliable operation. Lastly, the higher frequency band offers increased bandwidth, allowing for higher data transmission rates, facilitating faster and more efficient radar systems which results in systems that are much more accurate in detecting smaller objects such as pedestrians and bicycles and also have a much reduced occurrence of false or missed alerts.




Our advanced Blind Spot Sentinel System (BSS) utilizes radar technology to detect vehicles in the driver’s blind spots. When it detects a vehicle, it provides visual and audible alerts to warn the driver of potential collisions. The system also helps drivers merge safely into adjacent lanes by checking them for clearance. The BSS is an Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) that helps prevent or mitigate truck crashes caused by side collisions. It is an essential component to ensure the safety of drivers and other passengers on the road.

The BSS is a robust and waterproof technology specifically developed to address the risk of incidents due to poor visibility and blind spots around trucks. Designed for quick and easy installation on any type of truck or van. It is built to ensure reliable performance in all weather conditions and is suitable for vans, rigid trucks and semi-trailers. It is covered by a 3 year warranty against any manufacturing defects.

BSS is a revolutionary technology that helps drivers stay safe on the road. It uses advanced radar detection to identify pedestrians and cyclists in the driver's blind spots, providing an extra layer of safety for both drivers and those around them. With BSS, drivers can rest assured that they are driving with the highest level of safety, and can quickly and reliably detect any possible obstacles. BSS is a must-have technology for any driver looking to stay safe on the roads.

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